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Caroline Venice
Inspired watercolors

Color your Life!

Who are you, Caroline?

Trained as an architect, Caroline Venencie is a multidisciplinary artist. She has published 3 books in France, on the subject of couture after having lived 8 years in the United States.

Now based in Savoie-Isère (in France), she paints poetic watercolors, very colorful and joyful in the image of her personality.


Caroline takes advantage of her many missions abroad to draw inspiration and paint the tremendous diversity offered by nature around the world.
The richness of his encounters abroad (but also at the bar in his village!)  inspires him with tender and poetic watercolours.

Welcome to his imaginary garden with colorful birds, mysterious and captivating young ladies and exuberant and exotic flowers!


A colorful and poetic universe

Discover your taste for art


Custom original watercolors

Want to make your watercolor unique?

Caroline offers you to personalize the original watercolors offered in her shop, by adding in a discreet and coded way, elements for the person for whom you intend the watercolor! 

Astrological symbols, phrases in Braille, musical notes corresponding to a particular score, first name, initials... it's all about signs and symbols that you can choose with her, by exchanging your desires by message!

Full of possibilities for a poetic and pictorial message!

Shipping and Delivery

Travel in a watercolor!

Between travel and work of art, do not hesitate! Travel in a watercolor in an always exotic universe, with eccentric nature and inspirations from the other side of the world!


Our shipping and delivery services ensure that you receive in perfect condition the work that made you flash and made you travel in a flash. 

A service that lets you connect with the art you love, worry-free.

Au dessus des nuages

“  Works of art dictate the rules, not rules dictate the works of art. ”

Claude Debussy

Contact us

381A rue du Fayard, 38850 Charavines, France

Thank you for what you sent !

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